Beware of fraudulent recruitment

Arun Bhardwaj

-->> Rule-Breaker <<--
Our attention has been drawn by some members of the public that they have received certain communication through E-mails, SMSs and other electronic modes for job interviews for some company and/or Lottery-winning announcements and/or other misleading communications wherein amongst other things, they are being demanded to deposit cash in certain specified bank(s) and/or visit links and/or provide their communication address and/or contact details etc. These individuals/entities/recruitment companies are also wrongfully using famous company's trademark/brand name and/or the name of famous company (including our erstwhile name) as well as the names of certain officials of our company to lure innocent members of the public to fall into this trap.
It is informed that such communications are being sent with intent to defraud the public and bring disrepute to the goodwill of famous Company by certain unscrupulous and unauthorised persons/ entities/recruitment companies. Please note that popular companies are not involved in any such recruitment or lottery. The company has neither asked for any contact information and/or payment for any such recruitment/lottery nor has authorized any person, agency or any other entity, whatsoever, to collect any information and/or ask for any payment /cash deposit to be made to our company and/or to any individuals in the recruitment process and /or with respect to any Lottery-winning announcements.

So please don't make any payments and we are not responsible for any of third Party transaction or communication.

if any person found that some one is trying to do any fraud activities than please make a Police complaint in your local Police Station.

Team UNP and Arun Bhardwaj
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