Best Canadian Cricket Grounds

1. Maple Leaf Cricket Club
King City

-established 1950s
-4 turf wickets
-approved for ODIs in 2006
-Cricket Canada’s main facility for international matches

2. Toronto Cricket, Skating &
Curling Club

-created in 1950s
-turf wicket
-first Canadian ground to meet ODI requirements
-hosted Sahara Cup ODI series between India & Pakistan (1996-98)

3. Rideau Hall

-2 cricket pitches on grounds of Canadian Governor General’s residence
-cricket historically played on site since 1870s
-current pavilion dates from 1890s
-Ottawa Valley Cricket Council’s flagship ground

4.Inverhaugh Cricket Club

-opened 1995
-only privately-owned turf wicket in Canada

5. Assiniboine Park

-Manitoba Cricket League’s premier facility
-3 cricket pitches and clubhouse on site

6.Victoria Park

-Edmonton & District Cricket League’s premier ground
-turf wicket to be installed for 2011 – first turf wicket in Alberta

Brockton Point

-scenic location in Stanley Park, Vancouver
-2 artificial wickets
-has hosted major foreign tours to BC since early 1900s,
-most notably Donald Bradman’s 1932 Australians

8.Beacon Hill Park

-located in Beacon Hill Park, Victoria
-field dates back to 1800s
-Victoria & District Cricket League’s main ground


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