Battle of Saragahi 1897 - Some Facts


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Battle of Saragahi - Sikh Soldiers.jpg

  • These 21 Soldiers were posted at Saragahi (North west frontier, now in Pakistan) which was an adjoining border with Afghanistan then.

  • Afghans marched with strong weapons with an army of 10,000 in numbers. A direct face off.

  • 21:10000 means one Sikh had to fight with 476 for survival, which is very unpractical situation.

  • The morning when battle started, sikh commander sent message to Col. Haugton to send forces, but Col showed helplessness in sending forces in such short notice.

  • Sikhs had 3 options : Leave the post & escape for life, Surrender to Afghan forces and thirdly Fight till last breath.

  • Daring soldiers chose the third one & Col. heard the communication that sikhs were shouting “Bole so nihal, Sat Shri Akal” ( meaning : whoever utters, shall be happy, shall be fulfilled," and the second part "sat sri akal means Eternal is the Holy/Great Timeless Lord"

  • Soon all the sounds died with 21 exceptional brave hearts who stayed at the post fighting for 3 hours and killing 600+ enemy soldiers with limited weapons. Which gave time to reinforcements to arrive & take the charge of post.

  • All 21 soldiers were awarded posthumously with Indian Order of Merit Class III award, which is now equivalent to Param Vir Chakra.

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a great battle was there. Afgans always feared from sikhs right from time of nadir shah. Hari Singh Nalwa created the defence line of jamraud & allied forts. British only consolidated their position by building communication posts like saragarhi in that area.