Badal asks centre to take up turban issue


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Chandigarh January 17:

Punjab Chief Minister Parkash Singh Badal asked the Centre to take up the issue of pat-down security checks of Sikhs including their turbans with foreign Governments. He said Prime Minister Manmohan Singh should understand the feelings of Sikhs as he himself is a Sikh.

While talking to the media persons at Raj Bhawan, Badal said: "The Centre should cooperate with the feelings of Sikhs on the turban issue. The discrimination against the Sikhs in this matter has hurt their religious sentiments and should be stopped forthwith."

In a latest such incident, Indian diplomat Hardeep Singh Puri was asked to remove his turban during a security check at Houston airport. Badal said that he would soon write a letter to the PM to request him to talk with the foreign Ministers regarding the matter.

Few days back also in Ludhiana, Badal had said fortunately his turban has not been touched yet. "May be it was my age factor or that I was accompanied by some officials of the Indian embassy there (US)," said Badal who visited the United States recently. He called upon the Union Government to tackle the turban issue with the concerned foreign Governments as it was a matter of "extreme sensitivity" for the Sikhs.