Bad teacher


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Who's in it? Cameron Diaz, Justin Timberlake, Jason Segel, Thomas Lennon, John Michael Higgins, Lucy Punch, Phyllis Smith

The plot After being dumped by her wealthy fiancé, foul-mouthed (and perpetually skint) junior high teacher, Elizabeth Halsey (Diaz), decides that, in order for her never to have to work again, she will win over the new - super-rich! - substitute teacher Scott Delacorte (Timberlake). Catching sight of a pic of Scott's ex, Elizabeth decides she needs a breast enlargement to keep his eyes from wandering to their colleague Amy Squirrell (Punch). But, those new additions cost money ("Because, y'know, you've got to get two of ‘em"), so when Elizabeth discovers that the teacher with the highest graded class at the end of the year wins a bonus that could cover her op, it's out with falling asleep at her desk, and in with drilling the kids mercilessly in order to win the top teaching prize. All while avoiding the romantic overtures of laid-back gym teacher, Russell Gettis (Segel).

What we liked Cameron Diaz is, in a word, hilarious! Spitting out bad gal sound bites like hot chips (to one student, "Hey! Chubs!"), as slacker Elizabeth, she steals every scene.

What we didn't like Timberlake's the weak link here.