Baba Farid's shrine attacked by Pak militants


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Islamabad: In the latest in a string of attacks on Sufi shrines, six people, including three women, were killed and 16 injured in a blast outside the 12th century saint Baba Farid’s mausoleum in Pakpatta in Pakistan’s eastern Punjab province on Monday.

Farid, one of the most revered saints of the Chishti order, is recognized as a great Punjabi poet and one of the 15 Sikh Bhagats. His selected works form part of the Sikh holy book Guru Granth Sahib. Several institutions and Faridkot town in Indian Punjab are named after him.

Police said Farid’s mausoleum was attacked shortly after the morning namaz as worshippers were leaving the shrine. “Two boys, posing as milkmen came on a motorcycle and parked it near the shrine’s eastern gate, minutes before the explosives in a milk container went off,’’ said Pakpattan police chief Muhammad Kashif. “The explosive device was remote-controlled,’’ he added.

The Taliban have claimed responsibility but according to police inquiries, other sectarian groups are also involved .