Attention-seeking Ashmit


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With just a handful of box office duds, an infamous leaked video scandal, two sleazy reality shows, and a famous actress for a sister - with whom he has had a very public fall-out over money - to his name, it's been surprising to see Ashmit Patel acting the part of the bona fide A-lister, when he's far from one.

Our sources claim the less-famous Patel sibling was out partying at a famous Mumbai nightspot with his gang of guy pals last week, when he was involved in an altercation with Imran Khan's best bud, Vicky, resulting in Vicky suffering from a fractured nose and cuts and bruises, and being rushed to hospital by his girlfriend, Pooja.

"Vicky doesn't know Ashmit, so he was taken aback when the starlet started picking on him at the bar," spilled an eyewitness. Adding, "When Vicky questioned his actions, Ashmit retorted by beating him up, along with his gang of men. It was Pooja who raised the alarm on seeing the brawl."

And that wasn't all, with eyewitnesses claiming that Ashmit even threatened Vicky and his girl not to report the incident to the cops.

"Ashmit was in a very aggressive mood," added the source. "He was trying to bully people in the nightclub. He just wanted violence."

While Imran has stayed tight-lipped on the incident, another actor pal, Shruti Seth, took to Twitter to voice her disapproval, declaring, "I wonder how it must feel to be above the law. Ashmit Patel would know." Later adding, "I have nothing personal against Ashmit. I'm just shocked. A poor man is terribly hurt because of his outrageous behaviour. [Zero] accountability."

And this isn't the first time Ashmit has been accused of roughing up his peers, as earlier this year, Anupam Kher filed a police complaint against him, alleging that Ashmit and Sohail Khan had beat up his son, Sikandar, at a nightclub.

And with accusations of erratic, violent behaviour refusing to die down, we reckon that Ashmit, who is now on TV coaching actor wannabes on how to be super-studs (euw!), should be booted off air, stat!