Apple release iOS 4.3 beta 2 to developers


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Apple has recently launched its latest iOS 4.3 beta software to developers which ones again shows off a few new updates and also throws some confusion into the mix.
We reported last week that the new multi-touch gesture system will likely see the removal of the traditional home button functionality that adorns the iPad and iPhone. Well, if Engadget’s report is correct the multi-touch gesture system for opening up the multitasking capability of the device is only there for developers (it allows them to see if the gestures work with their Apps) and it won’t be available for consumers or at least not where iOS 4.3 is concerned.
This could mean that the removal of the home button will likely hit a latter version and possibly be reserved for the newer iPad 2 and iPhone 5 when they are released, who knows, but we will endeavor to find out.
In the meantime the 607 MB download for iPad and 679 MB for iPhone will have some new features for developers to play with, namely an update for Apple TV and the ability to test Airplay with 4.3 Apps.