Anushka was nervous to shoot with Rishi Kapoor

Anushka was nervous to shoot with Rishi Kapoor​

She has worked with Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan but still actress Anushka Sharma got nervous when she had to shoot with veteran actor Rishi Kapoor for her forthcoming film 'Patiala House'.
'When she was to shoot her first scene with Mr. Kapoor, she was found trembling,' a source said.
'Patiala House' features Rishi Kapoor (Bauji) as an authoritarian head of a big Punjabi family, of whom the entire household is afraid.
Finally, Rishi broke the ice by speaking to Anushka and sharing his acting skills. He shared many of his experiences with her, which made the young actress comfortable.
'Rishi Kapoor is without a doubt a veteran actor and Anushka though being new is a great performer and 'Patiala House' opens screens space for both in an interesting way,' said Bhusan Kumar of T-Series, who is producing the film.
Directed by Nikhil Adwani, 'Patiala House' shows how a second-generation Sikh Guttu (Akshay Kumar) and his siblings in London held back their dreams, in love and respect for their authoritarian father (Rishi) until Guttu meets Simran (Anushka) who gives him the strength to stand up once again to fulfil his dream. This cross-generation drama is about second chances.
'Patiala House' is slated to release Feb 11.