Android OS now further ported to the iPhone 3G too


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Android OS now further ported to the iPhone 3G too

You’ve seen the guy running an Android OS port on their iPhone 2G phone and you’ve got your hands itching to give it a try? Boy, you’ll be glad to hear you are now able to install a similar Android OS port on your shiny iPhone 3G as well.

David Wang and a couple of his friends managed to port the Android OS on the iPhone 3G. It has almost full functionality and seems to work great.

The only thing that is still in the works is the audio support, but David claims he’s done it and it’s only a matter of time to include it in the image file.

Here is a demonstration video of how Android works on iPhone 3G. As you can see all the radio is working, multi-touch, etc. When he finished the audio support we will have a fully functional Android OS running on the iPhone.

[ame=]YouTube - Android running on the iPhone 3G!

The OS image file is now undergoing some final adjustments, so in a couple of days Mr. Wang will release the proper image file. Dual boot is available and it can even apply unlocking if your device needs that.

You may watch this blog for the image file and further instructions.