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Dear all,

Sat Shri akal/Salaam/Namaskar/ Good day folks.

I was thinking as we all are familiar with this Android platform/OS on our phones.We should have a forum where we can discuss about Customizing your phone.

It Includes:
-Customized Rom's

Lets see what we can do with our phones.

Any questions please ask.
I will be posting shortly what are the reasons you need to flash.



Codename 47
Some Softwares you require to Flash/Root/Mod the Samsung Galaxy i9000/ Captive S

Odin 1.3- To flash the Samsung Galaxy

Rooting Softwares:

Superclick 1.7-Shortfuse

Superclick 1.9.5-Shortfuse

Firmwares for Samsung Galaxy i9000

Ficeto - JVH

Darky v10.1 - Custom Rom

Firmwares for I897 users (Captivate)

Ficeto - JVH

Darky v10.1 Custom Rom


Codename 47
Source: [GUIDE] Final v10.1 - Official DarkyROM - Gingerbread (JVH) - Noob-Friendly | DarkyROM

How to Install a DARKY's v10.1 Gingerbread Firmware in Samsung Galaxy I9000/ I897 users (Captivate)?

Things you need to know before you flash your phone:

- You don't need root & you don't need CWM prior to flashing v10.1, the ROM comes rooted with everything you need. All you have to do is to follow this guide

- V10.1 is based on JVH firmware so to flash it you need to install a JVH base ROM first Flashing a base ROM means flashing it with Odin. Ficeto_JVH_Odin is what you should use. Everything will be explained, keep reading.

- If you already flashed Ficeto_JVH_Odin then you can flash v10.1 over it, else you need to flash Ficeto_JVH_Odin before flashing v10.1 in CWM.

- If you flashed Ficeto_JVH_Odin & Ficeto_JVH_CWM on top you can also flash v10.1 over it no problem.

- If you come from Froyo, from Gingerbread JVK or JVB then YES you need to flash the JVH base ROM. If you don't you'll probably have problems.

In Punjabi:

-Tuhanu tuhade phone nu pehla Root karan di koi lod nahi hai.Bas jive dasseya gaya hai onj hi karde jao.

- V10.1 JVH Firmware de upar bani hoyi hai. Isda matlab eh hai ki tuhanu pehla JVH install karni peni hai ta jo DARKY V10.1 install kar sakiye. Je tuhade kol JVH firmware nahi hai ta tusi FICETO di download karke ODIN de naal flash kar sakde ho, thalle parh layeo kive karna hai.

-Je tusi Ficeto di JVH pehla hi flash kar liti hai ta tuhanu fer karan di lod nahi hai.

-JE tusi Ficeto purani versions di flash kari hoyi hai tusi ohnde utte V10.1 flash kar sakde ho.

-Je kar tuhade Phone wich Froyo ya Gingerbread ( JVK / JVB) firmwares ne ta tuhanu Ficesto di JVH firmware karni peni hai flash.


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I have root my Motorola fire xt 530:yahoo

bahot pange lai reha "increase internal storage " and many more .....

per dar v lag reha :an