Ancient India Clothing


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Ancient india clothing was mainly cloth tied around various parts of the body. Even though needles are said to have existed not much use was made of it in ancient Indian clothing. From the Sari to the turban and the dhoti, ancient India clothes were mostly wrapped around in various ways. The sari was worn with a breast-band tied with a knot at the back. Even children just wore a piece of cloth tied around the waist with strings.

Both men and women wore ornaments. Early ornaments were mostly made of terracotta beads or shells strung together till metals came on the scene. Jewelry like necklaces, bangles and earrings etc were common.

Plants extracts from plants like Mehendi were used to decorate palms etc. The use of flowers as ornaments was also common. Use of coloured make up like Kohl and sindoor seem to date back to ancient India.