Ammy Virk is Next Superstar After Diljit Dosanjh ???

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He can sing, he can act ( Ardaas, Bambukat) and has likeable personality.

Is he the next star after Daljit Dosanjh ?
im also thinking the same.....he surely next .....

he can sing well
he can act well
he is carrying good personality
he ties good turban

so he has full chance


Talent haiga munde ch.. I think he can do far much better than diljit.. does different roles for different movies. Bright future ahead


Pata Ni Kyu Menu Diljit Bohta Psnd Ni :)) Apni Apni Psnd Waise Ta , Song Wadia Diljit De Movie p84 qaim laggi si bas , jehri psnd aayi si :))

Ammy Desi Jeha Pendu Saade Varga Sidhi Jahi Gal Karda :hassa Koori Jahi Gal Krn Wale Bande Ghaint Lagde :D Movie Ch V Sohna Kam Karda :ginni
Ammy Virk is doing great as far as singing and acting in films. Diljit Dosanjh is all the way to Bollywood now. I don't think Ammy Virk is quite there yet. He has a pindu vibe and I like that but diljit has a mainstream vibe. As of right now, I do not think Ammy Virk can replace Diljit. Maybe in the future. I thought Ranjit Bawa was the next guy but he hasn't done as well in his more recent releases.
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