Airtel To Launch VoLTE Soon


Dhillon Sa'aB™
Staff member
The Airtel 4G is soon coming with VoLTE support, and with multiple handset brands, sources informed.

Sources informed that the required technology and infrastructure is ready to be rolled out on Airtel’s network but the company is conducting some ‘last minute’ testings on compatible devices.

At present the operator is conducting trials on multiple smartphones and one of the smartphone brands that has successfully passed the tests was Gionee, sources at both the firms informed. Multiple models of Gionee including its first VoLTE phone P7 are now compatible with Airtel VoLTE.

At present Reliance Jio is the only operator in the country that offers VoLTE or voice over LTE networks. Because VoLTE is offered on the data network and calls are made over IP, operators incur very less cost providing the service. Primarily that was the reason why Reliance Jio is offering voice calls free to its subscribers. And this ‘free’ stuff is snatching away customers from incumbent operators including Airtel.

In November last year Airtel had contracted Nokia in a Rs 402 crore deal to deploy VoLTE infrastructure for its pan India network and the company has been working in this regard since the launch of Jio that offered VoLTE facility to its customers.

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