Ahmedabad’s new terminal to be domestic


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Ahmedabad’s new terminal to be domestic, not international

The Airport Authority of India (AAI) has decided to turn the under-construction international airport building at Ahmedabad into a domestic terminal. Sources have said that when deciding to construct an international terminal, the civil aviation ministry had forecast a considerable increase in international traffic by 2012-13. However the ministry now realises that the plan was far from feasible.
Critics believe the error shows a clear lack of planning and foresight on the part of the airport planners. For example, while the airport is spending big amount of money on constructions of facilities, there are no sufficient provisions to regenerate remunerations through these infrastructures.
A moving walkway is being constructed at the airport. Once ready, this walkway will join the existing terminals to the new one. Sources said constructing the walkway would cost the AAI in the region of $1 million, but it would be pointless as there are no potential users at present at the airport. Passengers would hardly need to travel from the domestic terminal to the international one because the time of arrival of international flights and domestic flights are completely different.
Maushumi Chakravarty, spokesperson for the aviation ministry in New Delhi, said that by 2016 the AAI plans an integrated terminal at Ahmedabad airport. She said that Ahmedabad airport will be developed along similar lines to Delhi Airport where every arrival and departure is linked.

6 August 2009