Aerocar - The Flying Car


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Aerocar - The Flying Car

Aerocar was invented by Moulton ?Molt? Taylor in 1956 and got patents both as a road vehicle and as an aircraft that same year. After the original prototype Moulton built three other flying cars, three of which still exist today. Aerocar is made-up of a small car and a trailer the wings and the fuselage. As you can imagine the car?s engine is pretty powerfull so maybe you can use it in races, with its looks, the opposition won?t know what hit them.

It?s pretty incredible that a flying vehicle has been available in real life for so long, and we only saw similar stuff in sci-fi films. If you?re looking to buy a car like the Aerocar, you might want to visit Aerocarforsale there?s one on sale. If you do buy an Aerocar, remember where you first read about it, fly over and take for a flight.