Adoptable Petz on UNP [ TESTING ]

The Ominous

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Yes you all may b wondering about the Egg thing near my details.

LEt me tell you guy's that i m testing a New system for UNP. It's known as PETZ. Where we can adopt a pet from his/her egg time to till he/she die. The virtual pet will live a virtual life. That mean it won't grow up in hours. it will take day's, months years, and everything else it can ask for.

Hell lot of other features.

And one thing.... it totally depend on Points that you have earned from UNP PLAZA.

Testing: Admins id are used for testing for now.

Will add more people later on.

The Ominous

Come get Some......
Some Faetures

The home displays your current items and living pets. If you have no pets it briefly details how you can create one.
The home also displays your unread P3tz Message System notifications.

Market (shops)
The shops in petzvb had categorys the market doesn't you may dislike that but it makes it easier to use and find the items you want. The items are ordered by cost. There is also an optional stock system for items and they can be used on p3tz from a p3tz profile or sold back to a market.

Vet (vet)
The vet in P3tz has alot of new things. Firstly the vet provides heal items. The vet also provides the means to creating a pet or an egg.

P3tz Eggs
If you have a male and female pet and you are below the board limit you may select a mother and father out of your pets to create an egg. This evolution provides your board with the possibility for pets to increase stats through generations rather than just battling and training. Generations add a whole new level to P3tz!
Random parents select parents from the excisting pets. If you have mating turned on. If you don't random will create a testube pet. Although it will still be an egg for upto 5 days.

Testube pets (create pet in ucp)
This has been moved to the vet to make it easier to find! Much of it is similar. Color, name, type, gender can be selected. The pet can be created. This skips out the whole egg mating thing though.

P3tz Message System
The messages are displayed once to the recipient on the P3tz home. Messages are used to alert and notify about items. Lite alerts will include the use of a kill item on a pet and if your pet is bought in the pet shop.

Pet Shop (adoption center)
The adoption center provided both a way to trade pets and to care for pets in petzvb in P3tz it is split into two different sections. And works much better! The pet shop is like an advertising space. The pet is still yours to do with as you want while it is advertised. Untill it is sold!

Search a pet via it's name wilcards (%) can be used.

Pet Profiles
Last but not least! The profiles. All sorts of pet stuff is displayed here: guilds, parents, age, health, hunger, moral, strength, defence, agility, wins, losses, level, experience, etc to name some stats!
Pet spells are also displayed here so you can see how strong a pet is at a certain spell.
Pet profiles are also the place to use items upon a pet. So your inventory is displayed with the option to use items.


What about the pet limit?
means i wanted to create an egg and a pet but was denied by the system..saying u already have a pet


yeah i already did that..made an egg..then terminated it...

whats the difference btw an egg and an pet...except that a egg will become a pet in 5 days

The Ominous

Come get Some......
Petz are defined where as eggz are produced from mating two different kind of pets. So You don't knw wat will be the result .