Acer set to launch line of tablet PCs on November 23rd


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Acer has been working on a line of tablets for a while. There’s no surprise there. But now it looks like the company is finally getting ready to launch its tablets. The Wall Street Journal reports that Acer will hold an event in New York on November 23rd to introduce a new line of tablets with prices ranging from $299 to $699.

There’s no official word on the size, operating system, or other specs, but we’ve seen rumors suggesting that Acer will have 5, 7, and 10 inch Android tablets with ARM-based chips from Qualcomm or NVIDIA.

An earlier rumor suggested Acer was working on just two models: a 7 inch tablet and a 10 inch device. We also saw a concept device this summer that Acer was describing as an eBook Reader, but which looked an awful lot like a 7 inch tablet.

It’s possible all these leaks and rumors are wrong… but I suspect that what we’ll see on November 23rd is some sort of Android tablet… or two… or three. Whether they’ll go on sale by year’s end still remains to be seen.

Of course, these won’t be the first tablet-style devices Acer has launched. The company has also been offering a convertible tablet-style laptop running Windows 7 called the Acer Aspire 1825PTZ in some markets since earlier this year. But the Android tablets are expected to be smaller, lighter, and cheaper.