.: abhishek nu BENTLEY te big b nu ROLLS ROYCE :.


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Abhishek Bachchan, who is busy shooting for his forthcoming ‘Drona’ in Jaipur did fly down to Mumbai to celebrate his birthday. Jaya Bachchan, who is also a part of ‘Drona’, was joined by Big B and friend Amar Singh to ring in Abhishek’s birthday on the 4th midnight. The entire crew of ‘Drona’ partied and danced to some Abhishek famous numbers.
Next morning Abhishek flew down to Mumbai with dad Big B and Amar Singh. Aby’s baby was welcomed by fiancée Ash, who stood pretty with a bouquet of flowers but, the bigger surprise was a white Bentley, which was Big B’s gift to son Abhishek. Abhishek first drove his car to Lilavati Hospital to seek blessings of his ailing grandmother Mrs. Teji Bachchan.
Big B, Abhishek and Ash next went to their Juhu bungalow ‘Jalsa’ where close friends and family were waiting to greet Abhishek. Fans stood outside to catch a glimpse and personally wish Abhishek. The star did oblige the fans with a quite thank you. Abhishek next backed his Bentley from his driveway and cruised away with Ash to Bandra. In the evening, a birthday bash was organized by Ash for Abhishek at his Juhu bungalow. The two also celebrated a year of being together as it was on his 30th birthday last year that Ash and Abhishek came out in the open to declare their love.
After Bentley it was Rolls Royce which found a spot in Bachchan driveway as Vidhu Vinod Chopra presented Big B a Rolls Royce on Wednesday morning. Big B was present at Vidhu Vinod Chopra’s residence and so was the media to cover the special moment. The Rolls Royce was wrapped in red. The car keys were presented to Big B by Vidhu Vinod Chopra’s mom. Vidhu spoke to the media and said that he was so touched to see Big B’s performance in ‘Eklavya’ athat he decided to present him with something that the actor would appreciate. Vidhu also revealed that Big B did ‘Eklavya’ without charging the producer any fees for his performance. The filmmaker further added, “It is Big B’s finest performance till date.”
Big B appreciated Vidhu Vinod Chopra’s gesture and had producer and his mom accompany him for a quick drive. Vidhu Vinod Chopra also joked, “I wish Big B liked bullock carts as then thing would be cheap for me but, what to do the man has expensive taste”.
Bollywood Pundits say that gifting the Rolls Royce was a mere publicity stunt as ‘Eklavya’ is ready to hit the theatres on February 16th and making news sure helps.
We will soon have a verdict on ‘Eklavya’ but, looks like the gift seems to have raised questions as the Rolls Royce is parked in the showroom in Worli. When we asked for his comments, he replied, “Yes, Vinod is going to gift a car to me…but, this Rolls Royce isn’t the actual car that Vinod gifted me, it was just a token gesture…My actual gift will only arrive later”. So looks like this event was indeed a publicity stunt.
So moving on to the latest on Abhishek’s Bentley, Big B baffled the media as he commented that the Bentley was not his gift to Abhishek but, it was only a speculation by the media. As the car has a Delhi license plate, it had already triggered a probe and investigators revealed that the car is in the name of Mr. Amar Singh with the address of Big B’s ‘Jalsa’.
So as they say, “Any publicity is good publicity”, the Bachchans are sure enjoying the limelite.


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