AAP's 'spot the kachra' campaign to expose BJP-led civic bodies in Delhi

Miss Alone

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To expose the failure of the BJP-led MCD, the Delhi government has launched 'spot the kachra' campaign over the unattended garbage in Delhi.
The Aam Aadmi Party said cleaning the garbage was the responsibility of BJP-ruled civic bodies.
"We will spot all filthy sites and stick a sticker to expose the state of Delhi. The AAP workers will clean all the sites but after exposing them," said Dilip Pandey, Delhi Convenor, AAP.

The campaign aims to inform the residents of Delhi that maintaining sanitation is the responsibility of the civic bodies.
The AAP volunteers are pasting stickers at the sites where the garbage is scattered. The text on the sticker reads---BJP's MCD is responsible for disposing this garbage.
"The campaign is not to prove anything but bring awareness and educate people about MCD'S responsibilities," Pandey said.
The campaign comes at a time when the city is battling a public health crisis due to a spurt in mosquito-borne diseases such as dengue and chikungunya. Delhi's civic bodies are facing flak for failing to prevent mosquito breeding.