Aa bhi jao sanam, tujh ko meri kasam :p


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Pak pilot's Bollywood song irks passengers

Islamabad, Mar 19 (PTI) The pilot of a Pakistan International Airlines flight annoyed passengers by singing a Bollywood song to call an airhostess to bring his meal to the cockpit.

The pilot was unaware that his "message" to the airhostess could be heard all over the aircraft, thanks to an open mike.

The incident occurred on a flight from Islamabad to Karachi last night.

"Aa bhi jao sanam, tujh ko meri kasam," the pilot sang into the mike and soon an airhostess rushed to the cockpit with a food tray.

The faux pas happened because the pilot was unaware that the mike had not been switched off by the cabin crew after an earlier announcement.

The passengers found the pilot's behaviour "uncivilised and uncultured" and demanded an apology, a TV news channel reported.


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dumbs konsi jamneh di movie da song ga rahe si lolz

hey which movie song is this "Aa bhi jao sanam, tujh ko meri kasam"


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