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Done Deal !
J@tti said:
Put the past where it belongs - in the past.

da past can be put in da past if those innocent people affected by this ever got da justice, infact from those days there are men still in indian jails for false accusitions, and their wives, mothers, kids are still waiting till date for them to come back home, some are killed there and rest have no hopes to return back..................One past that can never be put in the past is the past of sikhs and what Indian Govt did with them coz the consequences are still in play ! I can paste links to articles here proving a ban on people who are trying to get these people out of jails and they are not even allowed on Indian land .....Why cant the govt put it in da back? Trust me we can say it easily here, but people who been thru it and are still in it, their pain is unbearable......Ask me, i have seen everything with my own eyes !


This is the most unfortunate thing that ever happened.. and Bai to be honest, I have seen all this and i know what its been like... and this is one year i cnt forget in whole of my life.. khair i dont wanna go into much details of this as this hurts me (& many others too) but yeah i know it was bad.. but bad times comes and goes but a person shouldnt change his love or respect for his motherland...

Same can be said for parents as well, our parents might hve done many mistakes (afterall they are humans, as well) and might hve done things whcih we as a children dont like.. but still we respect our parents ( come what may..)


Done Deal !
Hun eh na kaho ki jo respect saade dila cho chali gayi es haadse karke hun o vapis lai aayiye, je main kuj hor keha ta gall dharma te aa jani hun ...... and i respect all religions, par jad dominancy ik cheej di hove ta minority naal ehi hunda ...... Asi respect te pyar de dayiye delhi sarkar nu saara te fer jaila ch paye bekasoor sikha nu chad kyon nahi dendi ! I love India for things, par jo sach hai o sach hai, nainsaafi kinni hundi hai othe eh vi pata hai ! Ik aam admi to lai ke uppar tak sab pahunch da te paise da sawal hai, my dad went this summer, came back and these were his words "Othe bande di personality, usdi liyaakat di ta koi value nahi, sab paise te pahunch te chalda"...hun dasso har aaam bande kol ta eh dove cheeja hai nahi !