A car fuelled by social media now a reality


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A car running on traditional fuels would be a common thing in today’s world, but a four wheeler powered by social media fuel is some thing new.

A group of students from the Kansas City high school, along with their mentors, have transformed and electrified a Volkswagen car, so that it will only run when it gets mentioned in social media. Backed by Minddrive, an organisation that supports drop-outs by developing an after-school programme, the students have developed this unique vehicle which will be used for their annual road trip.

The team modified a 1967 Volkswagen Karmann Ghia and expects it to run on tweets, Facebook and Instagram shares rather than the conventional petroleum fuel. As described by Cornel Foster, a student at Minddrive, a tweet or a share on social media will send a signal into a box in the car that activates a battery installed, which in turn ignites the engine.

Car powered by social media now a reality

To keep the engine running, the car will have to recognise either the hashtag #MINDDRIVE or mentions at @minddriveorg on Twitter, Facebook likes and shares, Instagram follows and shares, and YouTube video plays, follows and shares.

The car is expected to make its first journey from Kansas City to Washington, D.C. where the students are expected to meet the elected lawmakers and raise awareness about education. Talking about the car, Cornel Foster, a student, said, “It’s designed so that when we stop for charging, if we don’t have enough social fuel the car won’t start again, but it’s not going to leave us stranded on the side of the highway.”

Calling it the "social fuel", we can hope that the car completes its maiden trip to D.C. using its social media presence.​