3D Microscopic lens created by Engineers


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After a lot of speculation and trials, the world has finally got its first 3D microscopic lens which has been created by Lei Li and Allen Yi of Ohio State University. This device is one of its kinds which is mainly because it gives the ability to see microscopic objects while they are stationary. Other such microscopes capture images of the subject by circling around it.

This device was crafted by the engineers on a precision cutting machine using a diamond blade because they believe that it can be made by using the traditional methods. The acrylic glass was cut by 10 nanometer spacing to result into a flat plane.

The top of the lens is surrounded by 8 facets like a gem stone which is not symmetric. This allows the user to see 9 different angles and hence giving a 3D view of the subject or object. This method has paved way for scientists to get better angles of microscopic objects.
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