3-year-old raped, beaten and left to die in a drain in Delhi

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The six-year-old is disturbed. She has not slept or eaten in the past nine hours. All she has been doing is uttering the name of the person who abducted her three-year-old sister and disappeared in a dark lane.
The six-year-old, who is mentally challenged, tried to raise an alarm and inform her parents. She kept uttering the person’s name who had offered her sister a chocolate and then taken her with him. But no one listened to her.
The three-year-old was found 12 hours later on Tuesday morning, lying unconscious inside a drain across the railway tracks in north Delhi’s Sarai Rohilla area. She was allegedly raped by the man, thrashed and then dumped there, left to die. But, she survived.
The accused, Balbir, who works as a scrap dealer, was later arrested from his residence. “Balbir was known to the girl’s family and lived in the same house. He abducted her when she was playing outside with her sister and took her to a secluded spot, where he raped her. When the girl resisted, he thrashed her. After raping the girl, he strangled her with an intention to kill,” a senior police officer said.

Balbir later dumped the girl in a drain, covered the drain with e garbage and left, thinking that the girl was dead. After returning home, he reportedly had a drink and went off to sleep. “The girl’s parents called the PCR at 9pm, when they failed to find their daughter. On reaching the area, we first spoke to her six-year-old sister with whom she was last seen. The girl told us that Balbir took her to a dark lane. She said that after Balbir took her sister away, one of his friends came to her offering a chocolate too, which she refused and went back home, crying,” an investigator told HT.
Taking a cue from her statement, the police went to Balbir’s residence to question him. He was sleeping and refused to entertain the police. The investigators noticed spots of blood on his shirt and he was detained on suspicion. “Spots of blood were seen on his shirt and when asked for an explanation, he could not provide one. He was questioned for over four hours, before he confessed to having raped and ‘killed’ the girl. He then guided us to the spot where he had dumped the body,” a police officer said.

The police team reached the spot at 6am and found the girl lying in the drain, motionless. “We immediately took her to a hospital where she regained consciousness during treatment. She started crying and hugged her mother. She lay in the drain throughout the night, in the cold, but luckily survived. She has sustained internal injuries and has scratch marks all over her body, but is out of danger,” an investigator said.
“Her sister kept telling us that Balbir took her, but no one paid attention as she was mentally unstable. We were tensed after being unable to find the girl despite searching for her and we snubbed her. We never expected this from Balbir as he used to frequent the girl’s house and worked with her father,” the girl’s landlord said.
Balbir, came to Delhi three years ago from Bihar and started working with the girl’s father, who also works as a scrap dealer. He lives in the same house with his 16-year-old son and father-in-law. Balbir’s wife lives in UP.