101 reason love de.........


on off on off......
well all r nice but some are, much used ..... :)

4. I love the way you look at me.
5. I love how beautiful your eyes are.
7. I love the way if we were ever separated I wouldn't know how to go on.
15. I love the way you make me laugh.
21. I love your ability to speak without saying a single word.
38. I love the way you handle troubled times.
47. I love the surprises you leave for me.
48. I love your intelligence.
53. I love how every time I look at you, you take my breath away.
56. I love the special moments that we shared that will remain my fondest memories of you and I.
58. I love how my heart skips a beat whenever you walk into the room.
62. I love the way you inspire me to be more than I am.
75. I love the way you look when your sleeping.
78. I love your strength of character.
79. I love taking showers together.
80. I love the way you leave me love notes to find whenever you're gone.
86. I love the way you are not scared to show your affection when we are in public.
87. I love your confidence.
89. I love the way we make up after a fight.
93. I love your beautiful hair.
101. I love you for you!