Intel, AMD, and others to phase out VGA by 2015

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Old 15-Jan-2011
Intel, AMD, and others to phase out VGA by 2015

The technology we have come to know and love eventually gets dumped for newer, better alternatives. We’ve see it happen countless times before with cassette tapes, VHS video, serial ports, and floppy discs. Now another well-known piece of tech included on your PC is set to disappear: the VGA port.
A number of big players in the PC market, including AMD, Dell, Intel, Lenovo, Samsung, and LG, have decided that the VGA port, and LVDS, have to go. It is already a secondary option over the preferred and growing popularity of HDMI and DisplayPort connections. So it was on the ropes, and now has a departure date.
Don’t expect to see a VGA port on a new product after 2015, as these manufacturers are set on removing it from PCs and displays completely by then. Intel and AMD will remove LVDS support by 2013, and start to remove VGA output then too. Intel sights DisplayPort 1.2 and HDMI 1.4 as the inputs we will come to rely on with good reason:
DisplayPort and HDMI allow for slimmer laptop designs, and support higher resolutions with deeper color than VGA – a technology which is more than 20 years old. Additionally, as laptops get smaller and their embedded flat panel resolutions increase for more immersive experiences, the power advantages, bi-directional communications and design efficiency benefits of DisplayPort make it a superior choice over LVDS, the previous standard for LCD panel inputs.

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