Youth For Equality

do u think govt is right in imposing reservations?????

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well friends this is really depressing but doctors are on hunger strike for 96 hrs against proposed reservation and 94 students have collapsed media is also prohibited from broadcasting and we call india a democratic and secular country where still after 58 yrs of independence our govt instead of removing reservation is encouraging it this is all vote bank politics where merit comes 2nd we all must join under youth for equality and protest this move
"Respect merit, if you respect life,"

"Youth for equality,"


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maynnnnnnn its nt abt two diff things
its abt the role and regulation level of one agency by another (media and govt.)
anyways, i'll try to grow up lolzzzzzz
buddy although i can answer u but thn the whole purpose of this thread will be gone already i think it was a mistake as no1 seems to be bothered abt it anyways thnx for replying in whatever way
P.S dont try to grow up


I 'm against reservations. I have not been reading news lately so can't comment on what's going on right now. I will get back to the thread once I 'm aware of the current situation.


Focusing on ________
been followin it all closely nd i must say its a sorry scene ... this isnt wat da hardworking students deserve and the lathi charge all it reminds the youth is something of a movie like rang de basanti where the leaders need to be taught a lesson

f***ers doin it all for votes .. like wat all these old men gone crazy .. i dnt wana be disrespectful bt these ppl like arjun singh dont see the plight of the doctors on strike and wat these very students had to go thru to become a doctor ... all the entrances all the pressure .. and this cream of the crop suffering like this .. pathetic ... but i appreciate the way the indian youth has come forward .. i mean wt r doctors gettin outta this .. they r already becoming doctors .. they r doing this for the future generations ... not thinkin about themselves .... even after warnings and notices ... doing it for the country .... my heart and support goes out to them

cowards or u can say not so brilliant ppl like me move abroad and this is wat many others r going to do for if they cannot get into good instituitions in india they can very well get into a very presitigious ins. abroad for they value merit to the fullest ... in india i wulda gone into a very ordinary colg... def. wuldnt have made it to the IIT's etc bt here abroad im in the 18th best uni/ in world doing pre-med .. i gt no complaints .. nd there r many others like me who think there's no future of us in india .. and such quota reservations are juss gna make more like us who see future abroad rather than a caste ridden society here ...

y cant sum1 knock sum sense into these buncha old men playing wid da future of millions and ruining da perfect future of a country so great ... its SAD ...
excellent reply by jay
these politicians are ruining our lives and thn they expect we watch all this with our eyes closed if this goes on like this the govt will force meritorious students to leave their own country very shameful indeed even those students who hv a desire in heart to do something for country cant tk all this if our own govt is discouraging merit what else can we expect from thm education standards are already very low and they are still lowering the bar thats pathetic


Ki Zor Gareeba Da
diamond4ever said:
we really need some smart ppl in our leadership in india.. God help us!
thats soo true jot penji we do need smart ppl in our leadership in india but its NEVER gona happen....n thats the only reason why students from india want 2 go abroad cuz they have no life ,no future in india.....politicians live a f****n low life!!!