Your eye shape

Smoky eyes don't work for everyone. Neither can they be the one and only trick you have in your eye make-up bag. Whether you think your eyes are too small, too big, too close or too far apart, you need to tweak your make-up to enhance your eyes' shape.

For almond shaped eyes like Aishwarya Rai

You can't really go wrong with this eye shape. Smoky shadows, graphic lines, bold colours -- feel free to play.

For downturned eyes like Katrina Kaif

Sometimes it's genetics, sometimes it's the result of age and the weakening of eye muscles, but if the outer corners of your eyes tend to droop a cat-eye with an exaggerated upward flick is the easiest way to offset the downturned shape.

For deep-set eyes like Sridevi

You don't need to contour the crease because it will be quite defined already. As tempted as you may be, avoid dark smoky eyes; they give your eyes a more sunken appearance. To make them pop, use light shadows with shimmers and pearlescent sheens that'll catch the light on the lid and below the brow bone.

For hooded eyes like Blake Lively

If you can barely see the lid when you open your eyes, you know you have hooded eyes. Most shadow styles work with this type of eye shape, but pay extra attention to your top lash line and lash base. Amp those up generously with volumizing mascara. Extend the colour you use in the crease all the way to the eyebrow to create a more definite shape.

For close-set eyes like Kareena Kapoor

If the inner corners of your eyes are very close to the bridge of your nose, you need to focus on the outer corners. Here's where you apply your darker/brighter shadows and pull them out. Open up the inner corners with light, highlighting shadows.

For wide-set eyes like Alia Bhatt

Here you do the opposite of the above. Dark shades should be focused on the inner corners and blended out to lighter hues on the outer

For prominent eyes like Deepika Padukone

If your eyes are the boldest feature on your face, go easy on the eye make-up. Contour subtly and use matte shadows close to your skin tone. Play up your lips with a bright pout to balance it out.
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