Year on UNP


DC-Where Quality Matters
almost completed a year on unp, met few nice people and thanks to all who still with us, and big thanks who are not with us probably they dont need us anymore :D cos we stop giving away free stuff.

now i just visit to see what these fake world look like, and friend who used to call us 22 ji :P now they become backstabbers. but who cares ? :P

still love you all love and respect
DC :fkiss


DC-Where Quality Matters
Since Dc hub gone private I hate u :/ mera poor quality toh vishawas uth geya :|
ur also part of this fake world ;) we dun cares u :p


i dont mind people hate us, :D free da si odo sab loveu loveu karde si :P we deserve little hate 2 mundya :P