Xiaomi working on modular phone similar to “Project Ara”


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Xiaomi working on modular phone similar to “Project Ara” called Magic Cube

A few weeks back Motorola announced its very interesting “Project Ara,” a modular phone which allows its users to easily build and upgrade their Smartphone with easy to connect hardware and the company recently confirmed that the prototype model is almost ready. But now it seems like they are not alone working on a modular phone based project.

Xiaomi CEO. Lei Jun has recently commented on his official Weibo account stating that Xiaomi have discussed the possibilities of developing such Smartphone. And new report suggests that Xiaomi’s Modular Phone Project is named as “Magic Cube” and it uses brightly colored blocks which snap into place like Lego bricks. Each “brick” contains specific parts of the phone, which can be its RAM, CPU, camera or even battery. That was all which we currently know about Xiaomi’s “Magic Cube”, but we are expecting to hear more soon.