Xiaomi Mi Car Charger - Banggood to India - Review


Dhillon Sa'aB™
Staff member
On 11 September 2017 I Placed the order for Xiaomi Mi Car Charger on Banggood, basically to ascertain the reliability and familiarised with the procedure of importing an item from China.

Total cost : 529.89 including shipping and tracking ( tracking was extra 80rs ).

Received the item today 29 September 2017.

# Tracking works in India on speed post portal.

Xiaomi Mi Car Charger

Quality is very good. Outer casing is some metal allow with brushed finish.
Charger fits snugly in the socket.

Performance: Charger is rated at 2.4A per usb port when both ports are in use and 3.6A with single port.

That's more than enough for my car vacuum cleaner and for "Quick Charge" capable devices.

Box Packing
Xiaomi Mi Car Charger-Box.jpg

Charging Ampere
Xiaomi Mi Car Charger-Box-Charging.jpg

It Glows
Xiaomi Mi Car Charger-Plugged.jpg