'X Factor': Tiah Tolliver, cattiness and Simon Cowell.......


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'X Factor': Tiah Tolliver, cattiness and Simon Cowell going insane

What was up with Simon Cowell during the second half of Wednesday night's "X Factor"? The entire bizarre thing kicked off with a montage of Paula Abdul and Nicole Scherzinger not putting through young female contestants.

Of course that must be accompanied by meow sound effects and talk about how they're being catty. It couldn't possibly be because the talent was that strong and the women can see past the hair, makeup and breasts, could it?

And this all fed into the audition of Tiah Tolliver, a cute and sassy girl who unfortunately is not much of a singer. She obviously has some kind of voice, but as Paula pointed out - she could NOT stay on key. She sang without a track backing her and she was all over the place, on both her songs.

But Simon was acting like she was the best singer this side of Streisand. He could not believe Paula said no and then he was begging Nicole to put Tiah through. So clearly Simon Cowell has either gone utterly mad, or he is just messing with poor Tiah.

I'm inclined to say the latter, which is just mean. And if he's not messing with her, then clearly he has gone deaf. Because - no.

Simon also decided during some other young girl's audition that was panned by Paula and Nicole to call Nicole out, saying it was like what a 20-year-old Nicole would've done for her audition on a show like this. Nicole totally puts her money where her mouth is and belts out an "I Will Always Love You" that I didn't know she had in her.

But can we perhaps stop thinking and judging with our Lil' Simon and Lil' L.A. and not act like the women are being catty if they say no to a young, pretty girl? And stop calling them out and acting like they're stupid? Because they're not.​