Would Adolf Have Been Proud Of Nimrata?


It didn’t surprise me to see the current governor of North Carolina sign an aggressive anti-Immigrant bill. I fully expected her to follow the status quo for states like Arizona who have devalued the Immigrant and the Latino in the United States. I liken it to the blacks in the 1800′s, they were valued at 3/5 of a man. Nowadays brown is the new black, and we Latinos are feeling the full brunt of the attack from racists, xenophobes and politicians who know how to incite emotional outrage over the Immigration issue to ensure votes for their otherwise failed campaigns.
The buzz is about the economy and the Immigrants, and as usual, they blame the economy and spending on the Immigrants. Tangled like dolphin in a Tuna fisherman’s net, U.S. Citizens that bear semblance to people Indigenous to this continent such as the Mexican or Central American’s are harassed, asked for I.D., and detained until their legal status is determined by overzealous and angry law enforcement officials who’s emotions have been primed by pundits on conservative talk radio and by anti-Immigrant propaganda displayed on “conservative” television shows.
There’s a growing trend that has emerged lately. It appears that certain politicians, either Immigrants themselves or children of Immigrants, feel they need to reversely overcompensate for what they represent. They seem to think that the best way to set the record straight on the fact that they are fully assimilated foreigners, or children of foreigners, is to create laws or support laws that adversely pursue the very thing they symbolize.
Nimrata “Nikki” Randhawa Haley, South Carolina’s 116th governor is the daughter of Dr. Ajit and Raj Randhawa, Sikh immigrants from Amritsar, Punjab, India. However, for Nimrata, being an Immigrant whose parents benefited by coming to this country and in turn benefited her, doesn’t faze the Republican Sikh Methodist woman who is more interested in pandering to the South’s racist than doing what might be best for South Carolina and it’s desperate need for Immigrant labor to cultivate their main crop, tobacco.
What Nimrata has done, is not just sign a draconian law into effect, she has enacted a special police force in compliance with provisions within South Carolina’s SB20 specifically under section 23-6-60. This “special” force will wear “special” badges and insignia that will identify them separately as the “Illegal Immigration Enforcement Unit.” They will also use cars with specific emblems identifying the vehicles as that of the special Immigrant hunting force of South carolina.
Let’s see where have I seen this before? Special laws created to pursue a certain sector of the community that has always been there serving as that country’s workforce. A secret or “special” police force that wears certain emblems with “special” vehicles that clearly identify them as someone you should fear and for God’s sake, never question.
Oh, that’s right, Nazi Germany carried on in the same exact fashion. The police force was called “The Gestapo.” They were charged with ensuring that Jews were rounded up and that anyone who facilitated the movement of Jews would be likewise prosecuted. The same provisions contained within SB20 and the same ones that are found within it’s precursor, Arizona’s SB1070. Seriously, what’s next? Tattoos on the forearm?

I will venture to answer the question, would Adolf have been proud of Nimrata? Well of course, she has acted as any other good political leader would in the United States today right? Invoke fear and hatred towards a certain sector of the community citing them as the root of all evil in this country, create laws that will ensure attrition by enforcement, cause “good” citizens to inform on each other and ensure that these citizens are kept in line with a special police force.
In the Adolf era they called it Nazism, today we call it Americanism.

Carlos E. Galindo is a radio talk show host & political analyst conducting radio shows in both English and Spanish on four radio stations in Arizona. Mr. Galindo is a weekly contributor to KPFK 98.7 FM Los Angeles and has appeared on CNN, Univision and Telemundo as a political analyst. Mr. Galindo is also an Op-Ed columnist on Prensa Hispana Arizona. www.nospinonair.com/http://www.carlosgalindo.com
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