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It seems like Rakesh Roshan's plan to release Krrish 3 on November 1 (pre-Diwali and non-Holiday release) has certainly paid off. While the film has registered an Opening of Rs. 25.50 crores in India, it did a business of Rs. 23 crores on Day 2 and Rs. 24.3 cr on Day 3 making the Opening Weekend collection of Rs. 72.8 cr nett.

The film is doing well in the overseas too.

In this Box Office Report Card, we take a look at the Worldwide Collections of Krrish 3. Counting the Opening Weekend collections, the film collected Rs. 4.05 cr in the UK, Rs. 6. 84 cr in US-Canada, Rs. 7. 95 cr in the UAE, Rs. 1.23 cr in Australia, Rs. 31.10 lacs in New Zealand, Rs. 9. 51 lacs in Fiji and Rs. 1.57 cr in Pakistan.

The Opening Weekend domestic collections of Krrish 3 stand at Rs. 72.8 cr while the Overseas total weekend collections stand at Rs. 23.57 cr

Worldwide collections of Krrish 3

Movie Name Collections (INR Cr.) Updated…
India 72.8 As of 3-Nov-2013
United Kingdom 4.05 As of 3-Nov-2013
United States of America / Canada 6.84 As of 3-Nov-2013
United Arab Emirates / G.C.C. 7.95 As of 3-Nov-2013
Australia 1.23 As of 3-Nov-2013
New Zealand 0.311 As of 3-Nov-2013
Fiji 0.095 As of 3-Nov-2013
Pakistan 1.57 As of 3-Nov-2013
Singapore 0.6174 As of 3-Nov-2013
Netherlands 0.216 As of 3-Nov-2013
Mauritius 0.3704 As of 3-Nov-2013
South Africa 0.1975 As of 3-Nov-2013
Belgium 0.1296 As of 3-Nov-2013

TOTAL 96.3769

Day-wise breakup for India

Day Collections (INR Cr.)
Day 1 (Fri) 25.50
Day 2 (Sat) 23
Day 3 (Sun) 24.3

TOTAL 72.8

NOTE: The domestic total is inclusive of Hindi + Tamil + Telugu versions

Domestic Vs International breakup

Territory Collections (INR Cr.)
Domestic 72.8 75.54%
Overseas 23.5769 24.46%​


Krrish 3 has collected Rs 35.91 crores nett at the Indian Box Office on Monday, taking its four-day domestic total to Rs 108.61 crores nett. Its breakup is Rs 25.5 cr on Fri, Rs 23 cr on Sat, Rs 24.3 cr on Sun and Rs 35.91 cr on Mon.