World's Most Amazing Frogs

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The Glass Frog
It’s amazing! You can see a beating heart of this frog.

Glass frogs are found in the humid forests of South and Central America. The specie got its name because of the see-through skin which reveals all internal organs of the frog. Translucent skin helps theses frogs blend into surroundings.

The Tomato Frog
Stay away from me! I’m red and dangerous!

These bright frogs are found in Madagascar. Such bright coloring is a warning sign for any approaching enemy. To escape from the enemy, the Tomato Frog secretes a gummy substance into the enemy’s eyes. While the predator is blind, the frog can quickly run away.

The Ornate Horned Frog
A round voracious frog.

Because of a hearty appetite Horned Frog is also known as the wide-mouthed frog. This heavy eater swallows everything that moves close to its mouth, including lizards and other frogs.

Poison Dart Frog
Stay away of this cutie! It is poisonous and dangerous.

The brightly colored body of this frog warns that it is dangerous. The Dart Frog secretes extremely toxic substance than can kill a monkey-sized animal in less than 40 seconds

The African Bullfrog
Wow! It’s really huge!

The African Bullfrog is the largest of all known frog species. A male frog is about 10 inches long and can weigh up to 2kg (4.4 lb). Females are usually two times smaller which is uncommon for amphibians.

The Indian Bullfrog
This guy likes changing its appearance.

This frog has a dull olive-green or yellowish coloring. However during the mating season males put on attractive suits - their skin turns yellow and vocal sacks become blue. Such bright coloring attracts females.

The Amazon Blue Milk Frog
Attractive and poisonous.

This frog is quite big and can reach up to 4 inches. The Amazon Blue Milk Frog was first discovered in Brazil’s Maracana River. When the frog is threatened or stressed it releases a poisonous fluid which resembles milk. This is why it is called - Blue Milk Frog

The Pinocchio-nose Frog
A funny frog with a funny name

This is a newly discovered specie of frogs. It inhabits remote Foja Mountains of Indonesia.

The Red-Eyed Tree Frog
Handsome enough to Kiss!

This one could be called the most beautiful frog on the planet and is depicted on various wildlife cards and calendars. This cutie inhabits tropical forests of Central America and southern Mexico. Bright eyes are the main weapon of this specie. When the frog is not active his eyes are closed, but when scared or disturbed it opens its bright red eyes and startles a predator.

The Whites Tree Frog
Look! It is smiling to you.

These smiling frogs can be kept as pets. But their natural home area is New Guinea and northeast Australia.