World looks up to BCCI and its functioning: Anurag Thakur


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Anurag Thakur, the newly elected Board of Control for Cricket in India, is not one to forget his friends, who have bailed him out in a tight situation, quickly. The man knows how to pay back a good deed in equal measure. On Monday (May 30), the BCCI supremo, while lauding the Andhra Cricket Association for their wonderful work in setting a new benchmark, said Andhra will surely get to host a Test match whenever they want to do so.

In a free-wheeling chat with the media after inaugurating the ACA grounds in Mulapadu near Vijayawada, Anurag touched on a few subjects. Excerpts:

BCCI focusses on infrastructure

I think if you look at the BCCI's working in the last few years, there is no other federation or board in this country who have created infrastructure by spending its own money. The other bodies are totally dependent on the central or state governments. It is only the cricket board which is spending money from their own earnings and pocket. And we are proud to say that most of the associations which are affiliated to the board have created their own international stadium *they have created them from their money and which is such a good thing.

Most of the world over even in Australia they don't have their own grounds. The grounds are common grounds and have been created or built by their governments. I think the BCCI is one organisation which is appreciated by one and all across the world. They look up to the BCCI and its functioning and I am sure in the coming years that we will do better.

Green Initiative

When we were elected as president and secretary, we decided that we will go green. The BCCI has earmarked Rs 100 crore for the green initiative. The existing stadiums will be converted and the new stadiums will have solar panels to produce electricity. We will have rain water harvesting structures in place and will use the sewage water by treating and recycling it to water the ground. There will be LED to bring in power efficiency. We will also do the power audit and we have written to the power and environment ministers to guide us in this matter. Many state associations have done extremely well in the field of solar usage etc.

Some Associations Lagging Behind

All fingers are not equal. But everyone has a role to play. Every unit is important. Some may have lagged behind but many have done extremely well. Many have lived up to the expectations but as even in a family everyone is not an expert so it is here. Many learn from others as in the case of the ACA which has set a bench mark so that others can learn from them.

Role Model For Others

Let me first congratulate the Andhra cricket association for doing a wonderful job on creating such grounds. They have created a model for the country. Now other state associations must look at this model where they have a residential academy and have separate grounds where you can hold two matches at the same time. If you look at the facilities I think junior players and even first-class cricketers can stay and use the facilities if they have air-conditioned with it. The model should be replicated in all parts of the country.

Utilising Funds Rightly

I would like to again thank the ACA, on behalf of the BCCI and Ajay Shirkeji, for utilising the funds in the best possible manner by creating such wonderful facilities. I have heard them say that they are going to create such an infrastructure in all parts of the state. That is amazing. Most other associations build a stadium and sit back to enjoy. But the ACA is striving to set new standards by replicating the model.

Friends In Need

Whatever support they want we will do it. When the BCCI was in a tight situation when five matches from Pune, four from Mumbai and three from Nagpur were shifted the one association which came forward to help was the ACA.They hosted six matches in such a short time in Visakhapatnam and did it so very successfully.