Woman keeps elder sister's body at home for 10 days

Miss Alone

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Sujata Mirji, who refused to believe her elder sister Rajani had died around ten days ago, stayed steadfastly by her side at their home here. Only when a foul smell spread across the locality did neighbours break down the door and municipal staff took away the body for cremation.
Sujata, 54, who is single, stayed with Rajani Kulkarni, 68, at Marawadi Galli near Nagareshwar Temple.
Rajani had married Kulkarni, an LIC employee, but a few days after the marriage, her husband died. On compassionate grounds, Rajani got a job with LIC. She lived with Sujata and their mother in his father's house.

Due to her mother's illness, Rajani had taken voluntary retirement and lived with her mother. When the mother passed away 22 years ago, they were devastated and when their two brothers also died, it left them very disturbed. "They stayed put at home. They did not even come out of the house for 20 years," said a neighbour.
Early on, they would open the front door for some time but as years went by, they stopped doing even that. A local woman, Manjula Rajashekhar Kankalameli, would bring them meals in a box and milk daily. Rajani would give her a cheque to withdraw money for her. Once a year or thereabouts, their brother' wife would come from Dharwad to visit them. Manjula said, "They led a very iso lated life. They wouldn't talk to anyone and had litte contact with relatives."

On Monday, their neighbours couldn't tolerate the foul smell and knocked the front door. When no one responded, they broke down the door and found Rajani's body with Sujata sitting in front of it.
Sujata insisted her sister was alive and would not allow anyone inside.Doctors inspected the body and pronounced Rajani dead. Police also visited the house and are likely to admit Sujata to hospital. Her sister-in-law arrived from Dharwad may take a decision on the future course of action.