Lyrics Wiz Khalifa - I'm Good Lyrics


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[Verse 1:]
I'm G - O - O... D Ya Feel Me?
Fresh fit new chucks (new chucks)
I swear I feel like a million bucks (million bucks)
And dem leather seats feel like plush (uh-huh)
4 twelves make my shit go bump (go bump)
20 carrots got your bitch goin nuts
Livin like a star so dey get so struck
Far as rap got dis shit sowed up
Ridin by myself couple sticks rolled up
On dese frames I done spent so much
Niggas wanna nip so da fo fifth on tuck
And jus look don't touch
I kno u don't see dis usually but excuse me dese gucci
Got a future so bright u'll see
Man I'm dis young y is life so sweet
In my shoes yea dey might wanna be
Da cameras right here and da lights on me
Let's Go

I'm good
Livin jus da way I should
Most niggas ain't think I could
Look homie I'm good
Doin wat I said I would
U try but 2 me it ain't nun 2 it
Cause lil homie I'm good
Most niggas ain't think I could
But I'm livin jus da way I should
Yea homie I'm good
Yea I'm good
Yea I'm good
Yea I'm good

[Verse 2:]
More cars more clothes
Get money dats da life I chose
Chase money nigga y chase hoes
Dey ain't even want me till my neck got froze
And da price got told
Stories by trips in da nice sized homes
It's a game play da life I kno
On the winnin end wen the dice got rolled
Tall nigga so my flights got room
Small nigga so I always got goons
Say u get a lil cash dats cool
I prolly spent more than dat on tattoos
I got da formula ya need 2 find
My city on lock and da keys r mine
So u can gon keep ya piece of mind cause I'm G 2 O's and a D with mine
Let's Go