Will this Modi-special birthday cake break the Guinness World Record tomorrow?

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Prime VIP

Everybody's birthday is special, but if you're the Prime Minister of India, the whole nation gets up to honour your achievements. It's the Indian Prime Minister's birthday tomorrow, and his native state, Gujarat, is going to witness a different kind of celebration.
A Surat-based bakery chain, Atul Bakery, has joined hands with Shakti Foundation, an NGO working for the empowerment of rural women, in a venture that honours both PM Modi, and his 'Beti Padhao, Beti Bachao' movement. Together, they are going to create an eight feet tall cake pyramid, weighing approximately 2.5 tonnes!


And this cake stands every chance of breaking the Guinness World Record for the tallest cake in the world!
The record is presently held by the MTR Rzeszow International Fair in Rzeszow, Poland. Their cake was nearly six feet tall, and weighed 720.8kg. "Ours will be above 8 ft and it may go to up to 12 ft too weighing 2 tonne to 2.5 tonne. We have already taken pre-approval and guidelines of the same from Guinness Team," Sonal Rochani, the co-founder of Shakti Foundation told TOI.

The cake is going to celebrate the achievements of Indian women in various fields, including sports and academics. The gigantic creation will be prepared, unveiled, and cut tomorrow. Unfortunately, it won't be the PM himself who'll be cutting the cake. Instead, young girls with intellectual disabilities and from underprivileged backgrounds will cut the cake.


The cake itself will be prepared by a team of 20 chefs from Atul Bakery, and the selected flavour is choco-berry. The cake pyramid will be made with 10,000 blocks of the cake, assembled together to form the pyramid. And if you think there's going to be a mess when the cake is distributed, you're wrong. They will be neatly packed in boxes, and then distributed.
Around 1,000 guitarists will also be present at the event. This is one birthday party where the music will regale you as you enjoy a record-breaking cake. The PM might not be able to attend, but this still promises to be the birthday party of the year!