wifi not working in iphone 4s


hello friends, my iphone 4s wifi not working. on off button grey hai . freezer ch rakhan nal chal penda hai but hardly 5-7 mint lyi.heat wagera v kar k dekh leya dryer nal but hun os nal thik ni ho reha pehla pehla chal penda c os nal but hun ni. koi permanent solution hove isda. thanks in advance


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If the problem may be temporarily fixed by simply putting the phone in the refrigerator for 15 minutes, or under a lamp for 30 minutes. If this is the case, then the necessary permanent solution is to reflow the Murata SW SS1830010 Wi-Fi chip on the logic board.
iphonr jugaad wala hona... sim v nhi chalega... na hi wifi chalega... basically your ihpne is deactivated.

call iphone customer care and give them your iphone serial number. They will tell you what's wrong with it.