Why You Need More Lemon In Your Life

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Lemon every day keeps the doctor away—says no one specifically. But that shouldn’t matter, once you read this overwhelming summary of lemon benefits!

Lemon was first recognized for its natural healing properties eons ago, when sailors got scurvy from a vitamin C deficiency, stemming from a lack of access to fresh produce. The antioxidants (called bioflavonoids) in lemon are considered responsible for its many health benefits. Most of the world has better access to citrus now, but it’s still a choice to consume enough. And you should! Here’s why.

Lemon Aids Relaxation

Candles, soaps, and other beauty products often feature this refreshing scent because it’s “liquid sunshine”! Aromatically, lemon promotes a positive mood and good respiratory function, and combined with its antiseptic qualities, can be great for muscle relaxation. Try adding some lemon juice to warm water and soak your feet for instant relief

Lemon Purifies

Most cleaning products aren’t safe to consume—but lemon is! It naturally cleanses the body and our environment. Digestion aid aside, lemon purifies the air and takes out stains. It’s also handy on furniture.

1:- Add a few drops of lemon juice to olive oil to clean, protect, and shine wood furniture.

2:- Use a cloth that’s been soaked in lemon oil to protect your leather furniture and garments.

3:- Combat touches of tarnish on silver or other metals with a quick swipe of lemon juice.

Lemon Treats Infections, Injuries & Prevent Illnesses

Really, this is the linchpin—lemon’s ability to boost our immune system, increase energy, and combat illnesses. The list is long (nourishes brain cells, lowers stroke risk, combats cancers, prevents asthma, etc), but here are five practical fun facts for how lemon can help:

1:- Ease pain by applying lemon juice or lemon oil to burns, sunburns or bee stings.

2:- Stop a nose bleed by applying lemon juice to a small cotton ball and placing it inside your nose (natural coagulant and antiseptic properties).

3:- Help get rid of gall stones by drinking lemon juice.

4:- Flush out toxins and stimulate faster weight loss by consuming warm water with lemon juice & honey.

5:- Relieve or fight inflammation and rheumatoid arthritis with lemon tea and food, or lemon oil in a bath.


Lemon Helps Your Looks

Yes, lemon juice can lighten your hair (be careful!), and gives your strands a natural shine. But it can also help your scalp: apply directly to your scalp to treat dandruff and hair loss. Your skin will thank you too, if you apply to old burns (to fade scarring), acne or eczema. Just don’t apply lemon to your skin and hit the sun—that could increase your chances of sunburn. Consuming lemon in your diet also helps prevent wrinkles and acne in the first place, and who doesn’t want that?!

Lemon is Tasty!

Add great flavor to your food with a little (or lot!) lemon. Here are some easy routes and recipes:

1:- Homemade Pressed Juice or Smoothie
2:- Fresh Lemonade
3:- Sprinkle Lemon Juice on Protein

How Much Lemon?

A balanced diet always is best. But generally speaking, one fluid ounce of lemon juice equals 23% of daily vitamin C needs, while one raw lemon (minus the peel) is 51%. A quarter to half of a lemon per day is recommended to get the maximum benefit of this powerful fruit. (There is such a thing as too much—take a step back if you experience heart burn or reflux.) Please consult your physician before using lemon to specifically treat an illness.