Why skipping should be a part of your workout regime

Miss Alone

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Think running and gyms don’t get you motivated enough? One of the simplest and inexpensive exercises to indulge in is the skipping workout. Wondering why we’re asking you to bring your inner child out and allow a jump rope to take over your fitness regime? See the reasons for yourself...

Weight loss

You do a lot for weight loss—go on detoxes, hire personal trainers and swear by the dietician’s word. What if we told you that a simple jumping rope could actually replace all this? This is because a 30-minute session of skipping can actually burn as many as 300 calories!

Tone up

If you’ve been wanting to tone up, skipping will help you do just that. It helps you tone the muscles, especially in your legs and lower body—something that can be a major concern for us women. Although you might feel sore in your legs the next day, we think you will slowly but surely achieve Blake Lively-like legs.

Increases strength

If you’ve been looking for strength training exercises, it’s time to invest in a skipping rope, stat! Because skipping is a rigorous exercise, it helps you strengthen your feet as well as improve your agility. Oh and it will also eventually give you those sexy calves you always yearned for.