Why should you give up smoking?


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Apart from the health risks, smoking is not seen as 'cool' any more. Its banned in so many places these days, that it can be hard to hang out with your friends.
  • Smoking is very likely to kill you!!!
  • Smoking makes your hair and clothes smell and your breath smell.
  • Smoking turns your teeth and fingers yellow, and affects your skin and complexion.
  • Smokers get so used to the smell of stale tobacco smoke on their hair, clothes and breath, that they don't notice it anymore. But others do!
  • Smoking affects your sense of taste and smell, making both of them less sensitive.
  • Smoking can really harm your body! It is the most common cause of cancers of the lungs, throat and mouth.
  • Smoking makes you about 10 times more likely to die early from a major stroke or heart attack.
  • Smokers suffer more frequently from severe bronchitis and emphysema (a disease where the chemicals in tobacco smoke severely damage the lining of the lungs, and make it difficult to breathe).
  • Smoking increases the risk of developing diabetes.
  • You don't have to have bronchitis or emphysema for smoking to effect your breathing. Try swimming a few laps of a pool, playing a game of footy or netball or do an aerobic class as a smoker. Breathing while exercising the heart and lungs is a lot tougher if you're a smoker.
  • Smoking damages small blood vessels, and restricts blood flow to the hands and feet, can lead to gangrene and even the amputation of limbs.

From one lung to another

Another good reason for giving up smoking is the amount of money you save. Smoking is expensive. Count up how much money it costs in a year. That amount of money could pay for an overseas holiday, or buy a great sounding stereo system!:p