Why Eating Garlic On An Empty Stomach Is Good For You


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People run away from garlic like vampires, but little do they know how powerful medicine garlic can be. It can miraculously heal and protect your body from various bacteria and diseases, while stimulating the immune system and normalizing your gut flora.
People living on the country side use garlic as the first aid choice when they get sick or when they just want to use it as a preventive measure. They never question its powers and never turn away from its smell, because they know how wonderful it is.

Garlic was even cultivated 5,000 years ago. Many cultures used it in their daily diets, like the Arabs, Jews, Greeks, Assyrians, and the Romans and especially the Egyptians. Of eight hundred drugs that the Egyptians invented, 22 were made with garlic. It was even Pythagoras’ favorite spice.

The best way to make full use of the garlic’s power is to eat it on an empty stomach. This way you can prevent and treat many diseases on a more effective level. Scientists have found that this way you actually increase its powerful antibiotic properties.
Forget about Antibiotics
Garlic is good for fighting fungal infections, colds, flues and all sorts of diseases that people treat with the help of modern medicine. When you crush or grind a garlic clove, a phytoncide forms called allicin, which has strong bacteriostatic effects that help treating infections faster. Garlic is rich in many other phytoncides, but also in essential oils, extractives, phytosterols, Vitamin C, D, and B, phosphoric and sulfuric acid, silicon, magnesium, calcium, selenium, potassium, and sodium. It also contains many antioxidants and more than four hundred different mineral components.
The Amazing Health Benefits of Garlic
– It prevents clogging and aging of all types of arteries.
– It reduces the levels of bad cholesterol.
– It strengthens the immune system, thus your body is able to withstand all kinds of harmful influences.
– It kills a large number of bacteria.
– It helps protect against heart diseases.
– It reduces the synthesis of triglycerides, thus preventing the development of atherosclerosis.
– It lowers blood pressure.
– It has anti-inflammatory properties.
– As a natural antibiotic it is an effective remedy for colds.
– It treats disorders of the nervous system.
– It kills the cells of a malignant brain tumor.
– It acts as an anticoagulant, which prevents the formation of dangerous blood clots, thus reducing the risk of a stroke or heart attack.:maa