Why do u Use meSSenger??


I use meSSenger ,just to maintain My typing speed -40 words/min:wink :wink , n yeah to do lotz of leg pulling of heavy-heavy girlz:yum :yum n to make peeps mad from mah PJ's.:haha :haha

n ya to learn Slangz .:an :an :an

n yep last bt nt the least To tease LOVE BIRDS WHO R USING CAMz IN INVISIBLE MODE >>>>>ESS cH TA bADA MaaZa aunda haii.roflroflrofl


~~brOwn sUg@~~
Re: Why do u USe meSSenger??

i use it to talk to mah special frenz............te onaa naal gaah paun layi:hyper :hyper :hyper :hyper :dan :dan :gd :gd :lalala :lalala :beer :beer :talli :talli :cd :cl :yahoo :yahoo :yay :yay :bb :bb