Why did Sikhs fight for the British at the battle of Saragarhi ?


Dhillon Sa'aB™
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All of India fought for British Army whether Hindus, Muslims or Sikhs. Sikhs stood tall among them in majority due to their strength and bravery so they were always first preference for British Generals.

In the Battle of Saragarhi, Sikhs were fighting for British Army but eventually the battle became about saving their land from invaders and above all, the battle was about their honour. British Commanders gave them the option to escape Saragarhi but the Sikhs refused.

Now say, if the Sikhs would have accepted to escape the battle (infact consider the Sikhs never ever even joined the British Army), with the control/destruction of Saragarhi, Afghanis would have easily brought down Fort Gulistan and Fort Lockhart. Aftemath would have been, loot/plunder of cities, Mandirs, rapes, kidnapping young boys and girls as slaves etc. and then Afghanis would have returned back to their lands. Because that is what all their purpose would have been as seen throughout history.

Ofcourse there would have been more battles but with the entry of Afghanis in India, the battle would have already been half lost for British and the Indians.

British Colonized India but India always belonged to Indians. So no matter what empire you fought for, it was always for protecting your land, your country.

-- Gabriela Nitti