Why AAP scandal will not be forgotten anytime soon

Miss Alone

Prime VIP
The recent incident of AAP minister Sandeep Kumar's sex scandal has all the ingredients of a Bollywood potboiler. A video clip of the sacked leader showed him in compromising positions with two women. The former Women and Child Development Minister of Delhi vehemently denied it was him in the video and said that he was targeted for being a Dalit. The sex CD is a far cry from his earlier statement that he touches his wife's feet every morning.

The events of the drama-filled day were dominated by a subdued AAP and enthusiastic BJP and Congress. The BJP had invited the media at 11 AM to cover their dharna outside Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal's house. The media arrived to loud slogans booing the CM, but that turned out to be a protest by the autorickshaw and taxi unions. The BJP could catch the media attention only after 15-20 minutes. Their brief protest saw the chanting of slogans like "We will dislodge the government which harbours molesters."

Half an hour later, Kejriwal was forced to address the issue. He released a video statement saying that he felt cheated by this act of Kumar and that he has let down the movement. Predictably, the Delhi CM also extolled how AAP is different from other parties in immediate sacking of a morally corrupt minister. He reminded everyone that the BJP and Congress have not yet sacked their CMs involved in corruption.

However, the BJP did not end the matter there. A delegation of their leaders met the Delhi Police Commissioner in the evening and demanded a probe in the sex scandal. BJP MP Pravesh Verma demanded an investigation into whether the women were blackmailed. He also asked that the role of CM Kejriwal's Deputy CM Manish Sisodia along with Sandeep Kumar be probed.
With the Opposition unwilling to back down, it looks like the scandal of sex and politics will not die down anytime soon.