????---Whts LIFE in ur words---????


Ur own thinking and ur own original words,,,,i don't wanna see some quotes abt life over here,,,,just ur own philosophy,,,,n sorry,,,i generally like the thread hving srs posts atleast for few days,,,,so don't spoil it with sum our typical fun posts for few days atleastttttttt.


Bobby Devil

Prince Devil For Princess
.......je love te job dove mil jaan ta life set a....:dr :dr :dr :dr :dr :dr :dr :dr .ik vi cheez na hove ta life hell a...:hyper :hyper :hyper :hyper :hyper :hyper .....


filhaal taan chakki ch gille pihan vang hi hai.....par yaara nu koi fikar ni.....ajj aukh te kal saukh hou....

mere lai life har din nu jiona hai........aukhan da samna karna te sukhan nu manana hi life hai........
It's about ups and downs and you just have to go thru emm to realize the importance of life. Life is valuable...really valuable because there is just so much for us to enjoy and be happy about....
there is also a lot to be sad about but sadness just tells us the value of happiness
i try to live life the best way i can and try to fulfil all my wishes coz i wnt get another chance and i dnt wanna spend the rest of it in regret of what i didnt do.


everyday ni change hunda....fassao na:an

waise ajj wala dass tan dita,,,,life is an ever changing thing:yes

ok kuchh permanent dasdi aan:

  • Life is too complicated on most of the times,,,,n yet simple on few other times.

  • Idiologically its meant to be lived for others,,,,but its almost impossible to live for just others,,,,and on the same time,,,,its too hard to live for just urself.

  • Life is worth living in each n every form of it .
:yes :yes :yes :yes :yes :yes :yes :scholar :scholar :scholar :scholar :scholar :scholar :scholar :scholar


Dnt know why... but aah thread dekh ke aah lines yaad agayiyan...

Ajj bigde, toh kal fir bane...
Aaj ruthe toh kal fir mane..
Waqt bhi jaise ik meet hai..
Zindagi ki yehi reet hai...
Haar ke baad hi JEET hai.....

Thode Ansu hai, Thodi hasi...
Aaj gam hai toh Kal Hai KHUSHI...

Zindagi raat bhi hai, savere bhi hai Zindagi
Zindagi hai safar, aur basera bhi hai Zindagi
Ik pal dard ka ghaav hai ,dusra sukh bari chaav hai
Har Naye Pal Naya geet hai,
Zindagi ki yehi reet hai...

Gam Ka baadal jo chaaye,Toh hum muskrate rahe
Apni Ankhon mein Aashayon ke deep jalate rahe....
Aj Bigde, toh kal fir bane
Aj ruthe, toh kal fir mane..
Waqt bhi jaise ik meet hai..
Zindagi ki yehi reet hai......


Sunte the hum yeh zindagi Gam aur Khushi ka mel hai
Humko magar aya nazar, yeh zindagi woh khel hai..

koi Jeete sab koi haar de...

Apni to Haar Hai....


It's a song from Mr. India I guess.

Life is all about learning - be it learning about your relationships, yourself, your career, humanity, God,and so on..


Focusing on ________
Life ... sumtimes u think ... think in the form of the metaphysical ... the very essence and the thought comes that one can think and write endless about this 1 word 'LIFE' ... it is everything encompasses the whole world ... ur whole world ... ur world is ur life ... wt u hav lived nd wt u r living ...

sumtimes u feel dat it's been going on for so long nd ull do this nd ull do dat nd u think about the future but sometimes u realize the futility of everything ... u realize wat a hypocrite maze u r living in ... u get this life once nd wid so many restrictions nd everything u feel suffocated sumtimes ... nd sumtimes u njoy it .. even the littlest thing gives u satisfaction nd u say ahh life's gud ... but it's fragile ... any moment ... any effin moment anything can happen ... it's there nd then it wont be there ... it isnt to be afraid of ... life is a WHOLE it encompasses death too like it encompassed birth ... its a circle :gig round one roll roll ... its about feeling every emotion possible to humans .. smiling luving hating anger tears pain satisfaction soothness everything ...

yes ... i feel like writing an essay ... sorry :an


these days .........for me

life is sleepless
life is good online
life is a beach
life is beer
life is life


Done Deal !
eh thread par ke mainu yaad aa gaya, india ch 10th class ch school magazine ch main ik article likheya si "Zindagi di asliyaat" , Zindagi di sachayi............ohi likhan te jee kar reha fer ajj 8-9 saal baad........
...chalo hun papa nu dinner kara aawa aaake likhdi aa !
filhaaal "Zindagi pyar ka geet hai, jise har dil ko gaana parega, zindagi gham ka sagar bhi hai jiske us paar jaana parega"


lifeee isss a mysteryyyyy :dsonia :dsonia

life can be sugaaaaa
life can be spiceee

life givesss u thrilllzzzzzz
life give u pilllzzzzzzz

jus live the life n go with the flow :mumbles: :mumbles: