When Hrithik Roshan lost his cool over a pic

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It was as routine a day as it gets for two professionals. Hrithik Roshan was shooting the climax of Ashutosh Gowariker's period love story, 'Mohenjo Daro,' inside China Creek at Thane's Godhbunder Road last Sunday. And Mumbai Mirror photographer Raju Shelar was trying to get some exclusive pictures of the shoot from a distance, a job he has been doing as a professional news photographer for over a decade now.

The shoot had been underway since 11 am and the unit was filming a hand-to-hand combat sequence with the villain trying to strangle the hero and the latter punching back in defence. One is not sure whether it were the exertions of the shoot or the April heat, the controversial actor, in the news these days for his run-ins with Kangana Ranaut, seemed to be in a foul mood.

When one of Hrithik's security guards spotted Shelar, they not only demanded that he stop clicking pictures, but also snatched his camera away and handed it over to Hrithik. The actor, after making a snide remark that Shelar should be given a glass of water for all his hard work, disappeared into his vanity van with the camera.Shelar was asked to wait outside the van till the shoot was over.
After pack-up, a freshlyshowered Hrithik, on his way to his car, reprimanded Shelar for clicking the pictures, pointing out he had no right to out his `look' in the film. What `look' Hrithik was trying to protect is not clear because there are hundreds of pictures of on-location shoots from the sets of 'Mohenjo Daro' out on the internet. When Shelar protested saying he was only doing his job and had not trespassed into any private property, Hrithik put the camera into his car and asked Shelar to collect it from his house at 11 am the next day.
The 42-year-old actor was fast asleep when Shelar arrived at his Juhu residence on Monday. He was made to wait for five hours before Hrithik emerged, explaining that he had been busy with two back to-back meetings. This time he wanted to speak to Shelar's boss, insisting that the newspaper should apologise.

When Mirror responded by telling him that he had no business snatching away someone's private property and that the newspaper will file a police complaint if Shelar's equipment was not returned without any further delay, Hrithik signed off saying, "I will think about it."

The star did not do much thinking. Just minutes after the newspaper got in touch with Thane Police Commissioner Parambir Singh and Shelar left Hrithik's house informing his security guards that he was going to file a police complaint, he received a call asking him to come back and collect his camera.

Hrithik had Shelar's camera for almost 24 hours, but the memory card that he seized only had a few pictures. There were more pictures on another memory card. So, here is the `look' Hrithik was so zealously trying to protect. Next time, he should perhaps wear the Krrish mask!